Roadworthy Certificate



In Victoria to sell a car you require a Road Worthy Certificate. This ensures the car is maintained and will kept so you and your family are safe.


A roadworthy inspection will cover all major safety items including


¨       wheels and tyres;

¨       steering, suspension and braking systems;

¨       seats and seat belts;

¨       lamps and reflectors;

¨       windscreen, and windows including front windscreen wipers and


¨       the structure of the vehicle itself; &

¨       other safety related items on the body, chassis or engine.


It’s important to know that a Victorian roadworthiness test is not a check of the mechanical reliability or general condition of the vehicle.


If you require a comprehensive check on the overall condition and reliability of the vehicle then you should arrange for a separate independent report such as those offered by the RACV, or let us assist you here at

Alfa Donnini Repairs.


The certificate does not mean


¨      that the vehicle is in top condition without any wear or deterioration;

¨      non-safety related accessories such as the air conditioner, rear

        window demister, electric windows and rear-window wipers are

        working; &

¨      its important to note that the items checked during the roadworthy

        inspection will continue to function after the inspection eg. a brake

        light can stop functioning at any time after the inspection.


We have included the Vehicle Standards Information sheet from Vic Roads for your convenience


Roadworthiness Requirements [PDF 415KB, 12pp] (Current as of December 2012)


A Certificate of Roadworthiness in Victoria is current for 30 days from the date of issue.